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The White Album: The Beatles Meet the Plains


An artistic idea may manifest through a lump of clay, paint on a canvas, a track on an album, or many other means of expression. Although each form of art has benefits, perhaps the greatest benefits are found when art forms mingle. When art is forced to interact with other art, the observer is given the opportunity to look at each piece differently.

The Plains Art Museum explores this idea in “The White Album: The Beatles Meet the Plains.” According to the Plains’ official website, the exhibit offers a fresh perspective on the museum’s permanent collection using The Beatles 1968 self titled album, commonly referred to as The White Album, as an organizational template.

The Beatles Meet the Pains, which runs May 18 through April 17 in the Fred J. Donath Memorial Gallery, asks ‘How do music and visual art connect, intersect, or speak to each other?,” the website explains. Curated by Plains Art Museum Director Colleen Sheehy and a team of students (Chris Gion, Kaylyn Gerenz, and Sarah Simon and featuring early contributions by Carin Jorgensen and Rebecca Seelig Donley), the exhibit allows visitors new to the Plains to experience the permanent collection for the first time and veteran visitors to experience the works in a new way.

Visit the Plains Art Museum online for hours and admission information.

Luis A. Jimenez, Barfly (Statue of Liberty), mixed media 1969

Barfly(Statue of Liberty), Luis A. Jimenez


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