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The whiskey way: Grantown on Sprey to Albalour, Scotland

Whiskey, whiskey, everywhere. And by the end we had ne’care. Today we drove the whiskey way from Grantown on Sprey to Albalour. This area is like the Napa Valley is to wine. Many of the major manufacturers are there and many offer tours and tasting. We took a tour at Glenlivet and tasted its malty offerings. After this we tasted our way around several other notable distilleries. By the end of the day Donald, Cindy, and I were well lubricated. Donald guided us through our spirited challenge and tutored us in the finer points of the fiery brew. Don’t worry Julia was our designated driver and kept us safe in our left-handed world of hedgerows and single file roads. She even managed to drive us all the way to Lock Ness our final destination for the day.

Glen Affric
David Millett

Loch Ness and Glen Affric, Scotland

The delicate cones of wild, purple, white, and pink orchids surround us, while deep yellow butter cups engulf us. Here and there a purple foxglove reaches up to the cloudy skies of the most wondrous place on earth; the Scottish Highlands. This was our experience today as we walked the boggy and extremely diverse and complicated bio-mat covering the hills and dales of the Glen Affric (Lock Beauly) area just a short drive from Lock Ness. To be surrounded by such intricate life forms all competing and cooperating with each other is somewhat dizzying. But after awhile you being to understand how it might work, this intricate web of life. Of course walking in a bog is a bit trying, but it was well worth the effort to experience this amazing place.

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