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The wheels of Airbus go round and round...

Airbus overproduces Boeing in commercial sales with 498 total aircraft in 2009. According to the Airbus officials, the backlog of aircraft on order is 3,488. The press conference was not only good news. The A380 project failed short of the initial production target number of 18, delivering only 10, according to Airbus officials in a press conference at the Airbus facility in Seville, Spain, on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2010.

Airbus is currently struggling in the military transport sector of the business, according to the CEO of airbus Tom Enders, who stated, “Our prime mission in the coming weeks is to secure a solid financial footing for the A400M. After nine months of intense deliberations with our government customers, it’s time for decisions.”

The Boeing Company finished off last year’s commercial sales with solid numbers but came up short to the rival Airbus. Boeing recorded 481 commercial sales for 2009, according to a report by Deutsche Welle, a German based broadcasting company. Boeing also has a backlog of 3,375 aircrafts on order which fell short to airbus, according to reports.

The overall strength of Boeing is strong because of a diverse range of products and a wide range of current and potential customers. Some carriers re-evaluated their aircraft inventory and backorders to reflect the economic environment of today. The military and defense sales of Boeing are also strong with a deep Department of Defense budget.