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The Westinghouse Company, a business that employed Newarkers, made history

The Westinghouse Building was located across from the Broad Street Station in Newark, New Jersey.  The Broad Street tower is pictured above.
Lucy Santos

It was moment in history when baseball fans cheered. At the Westinghouse Company, where the WJZ Radio station was located in Newark, New Jersey, the first World Series baseball game was broadcast on October 1, 1921. The New York Giants and the New York Yankees played the historic game at the New York Polo grounds. Gus Falzer, who was the Call’s sports editor, read the plays into a telephone line to the WJZ broadcasting station. The New York Giants fans where the ones who celebrated, for the New York Giants won five games to three.

Not only was baseball history made at the Westinghouse, it was also a business that helped the transportation industry by installing electric power into railroad companies. Converting Niagara Falls to electric power was a major project that skilled workers of Westinghouse successfully completed.

George Westinghouse was the mastermind and founder of the Westinghouse Company, which he created in 1884. He was an inventor who improved the quality of life for all of us by using electricity to power transportation. Westinghouse was like Thomas Edison, for he expanded Edison’s invention of light by powering electricity to homes and businesses far away from the generating plant. Westinghouse was a very successful inventor: he had 361 patents and 60 businesses sold his inventions.

The Westinghouse Building, which was located across Broad Street in Newark, New Jersey, no longer stands today: it was demolished in 2008. However, the Westinghouse Company, a successful business, still exists. The memories of the first World Series baseball game broadcast at WJZ Radio at the Westinghouse still remain. Since Westinghouse created so many jobs in Newark and across the nation, he will never be forgotten and will be remembered as a notable Newarker. Westinghouse Comapny was the largest manufacturer in Newark in the late 18th and early 20th century of radios and electrical products. When we take a train to work or for pleasure, we should thank Westinghouse.

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