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The West is to blame for Islamic terrorists

Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images

Mehdi Hasan, a political director for the Huffington Post, was on National Public Radio Weekend Edition to tell us the terrorist group Isis is not really a group motivated by religious fanaticism. So what is the driving force that brings young unwashed jihadists to Iraq and Syria?

His first answer is “I don’t know”. But then he starts to speculate and that’s when things get stupid. He lists possible culprits which are “society” “social media” and “Islamaphobia” among other smarty smart liberal grips. He goes on to say that we have to be realistic in that if it weren’t for the invasion of Iraq Isis would never have existed.

And so there you have it. Isis has a rationale for its existence. Sooooo many people hate Islam, especially in the UK, that it causes fun loving Muslims to leave behind fish and chips, football, the Royal Family and indoor plumbing for the Middle East and go ahead and slaughter Christians, blow up Muslim temples and behead Western Journalist. Hasan envisions that if Isis doesn’t like us, it must be for the same reasons the left doesn’t like the west with all its excess capitalism or this and that racial “phobias”.

This is a tired old template of the left, especially within lunatic fringe if there is even a distinction. When we have enemies such as the old Soviet Union, Islamic terrorists, or nefarious domestic organizations such as the Black Panthers; they may be a bit over the top in their methods and actions, but the left is “down” with what motivates them to hate us. To them it’s not even hate but a natural reaction given their victimhood.

So now Isis is the product of Western society just as the Soviet Union was the product of capitalism and militant black groups or even looters and rioters, the product of White racism. Everything that is good in the world is actually bad and must be the blame for all the actual evil people in the world because they were driven to it.

When president Obama said in his acceptance speech that he was “what the world has been waiting for” he meant that America and its western values, traditions and economic system was the cause of all planets ills since, after all, it had been waiting for something different to “change” all that. There has been so much talk about his excessive vacationing but the bad part of that is, he doesn’t do it often enough.

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