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The Weirdest Stuff Left in Hotel Rooms

We think someone should think about this subject and the possibility that they might make the title and the format of the next Nashville TV reality show as 'The Weirdest Stuff Left in Hotel Rooms'. Now wouldn't Nashville love hosting a show like that? Talk about strange news, that's what this video on 'The Weirdest Stuff Left in Hotel Rooms' has inspired us to write about today.

No telling what might come up on the list if we had a Nashville TV reality show and we actually heard from the Opryland Hotel, The Holiday Inn Select in Nashville and the newest of the new hotels, The Omni Hotel as to the 'real' items left in the rooms there.. We could get a 'cleaning crew' together and film it as we go in to 'clean' the rooms after some of the exciting guests have checked out of the hotels.

Only imagine what we might find. The signature cowboy hats of some of our famous music stars. The multiple hair 'falls' of some of our exciting female stars. Guitar picks perhaps made of gold. The stacks of CD's that didn't sell at the concert held at the Ryman Auditorium.

The list could go on and on, and what would be so great, we could then 'auction' these lost items off to raise money for our local 'Second-Harvest' program or for one of the 'Wounded Warrior' programs we hear about.

Watch the attached video and leave us a note as to your thoughts on this 'strange news' for today.

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