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The weird and unusual of CES 2014

Take a deep breath, the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show has ended it's almost week-long run in Las Vegas.

The weird and wacky gadgets of CES 2014
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Some 150,000 attendees came to see the technology that could be making waves in 2014 and beyond. The show was loaded with new huge TVs, every type of tablet you could imagine, and wearable technology for every part of your body.

It was also a showcase of those products and gadgets that some would take a look at, and scratch their head.

They are my favorite products to scout out and write about at big shows like this. These would be the weird and unusual products that made their debut at CES 2014.


I was in awe of the Clio, but it is pretty unusual. The Clio is what it's maker, Clearview Audio is called an "invisible speaker." Invisible in that it almost looks like a piece of glass that emits sound- beautiful sound. The secret here is a high tech clear membrane that turns vibrations into sound. The base is available in an assortment of colors. The Clio looks more like a piece of art than a Bluetooth speaker. It looks beautiful and it plays beautiful music. It will fit nicely in just about any room in your house. The retail price is going to be $349 anf you can see more about Clio at

Sleep Number x12 Bed

A new Sleep Number bed that is taking beds to a new level.

There isn't a person I know that isn't looking for better sleep. It seems with out busy lives we get less and less sleep each year, but Sleep Number has a new bed with sensors that will monitor your sleep patterns and let you know how to adjust the bed to get better sleep for your or your partner.

After sleeping, you get a SleepIQ score for each person in the bed. The x12 bed will ship in February, but it doesn't come cheap- starting at $7999.99.


Pet gadgets were huge at the 2014 of CES and this market is only going to get bigger. The Voyce is a health and activity monitor for your dog. It fits on the dog collar and tracks every movement your dog makes. Things like hear rate, how active it was on a given day and even breathing.


Like the name says, this is a ring you wear, but really it's to rings. They control your iOS device like your finger does. All you do is swipe your hand. For now this works only with iRing's apps, but this could catch on. From IK Multimedia.


The TREWGrip is a true dock/keyboard for your mobile device like a small tablet. It works because the keyboard that is held upright like a steering wheel. A TREWGrip's keys are on the back side of the device, where users keep their fingers in position as they hold the keyboard upright. It looks weird, but it works. To move the cursor, you move the TREWGrip around making use of the accelerometer in the TREWGrip. Will this come to market and become popular? We'll have to wait and see.

Yellow Jacket's iPhone stun gun

An iPhone case that is also a stun gun? I am serious. This is a tough and rugged case that keeps your iPhone safe and charged, but it could also keep you safe. All you have to do is activate a switch and it becomes sort of a stun gun. Right now it's legal in most places, with the exception of New York and it's non-lethal.

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