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The "Weeping Prophet" Deborah L. Turley shares on relationship with God

Deborah L. Turley
Deborah L. Turley
Deborah L. Turley

“The Weeping Prophet,” a title of Deborah Lee Turley's coined by Prophetess Adele Gray, as most people typically cry as she shares a Word from the Lord with them, plans to speak, Thursday, April 24, 2014 at Marysville Aglow at 7 pm. She plans to speak on the topic of relationship with Him. Both Minister and Prophetess, Turley knew at a young age she heard from the voice of God. She carries a Seer's anointing and with the help of the Holy Spirit she interprets dreams. She aspires to help others not only hear from the Lord, but build relationship with Him.

“Do you know Him? Do you know Him?, she cries! He wants a relationship with you! There’s so many people that I run into that have no idea of the love of God. You can’t know the love of God unless you know Him.” Deborah senses the cry of the Lord right now is for His people to stop running from Him. Turley, the author of the book, “Can You Hear His Whisper,” shares her journey listening to the voice of God to guide others to awaken to His voice. This remains an overriding passion of hers.

“There’s so many people that I run into that had no idea of the love of God. You can’t know the love of God unless you know God. You accepted Him as your Lord and Savior, and that was the unction of the Holy Spirit and the fact that He drew you to Him. That’s absolutely phenomenal, that He did such a thing. But you have to recognize that your life is not about you. You've lost it. You gave it up. Ha ha ha! Don’t sit here and think you can live your life like you used to. He’ll let you go for a while, but He will get a hold of you,” Turley states.

"I try to not judge anybody because I know my own walk that I have to be accountable for – look at sports events and people screaming for their favorite players and teams. How many people would be willing to scream the Lord’s name if He came down instead of the name of the sport’s player? People get that excited for a game, and complete strangers. Why can’t you get that excited over God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit? Why are you upset at the name of Jesus? Anybody can talk about God, all you want, but when you start to talk about Jesus, people get upset. I can give you a Bible scripture and tell you that Buddha said it, and you’re okay with it. But, if I give you a Bible scripture that I quoted straight from the Bible, then people get mad. I know exactly what it is. I know what’s going on. I say,' but God, how do I tell people this? How do I explain to them'? He says, 'you’ll know how'. And I do. The way that I explain things, people respond, wow, I never saw it that way. They usually say thank you, and then they cry. Of course I cry a lot. He says my people perish because of the lack of knowledge. It’s not just the lack of knowledge is implementing the lack of knowledge," Turley shares.

Besides her roles as Minister and Prophetess, Deborah works as a Certified Life Coach trained at The American University of NLP & Christian Life Educator. She holds 14 relationship training certifications and over six years of ministry training. Deborah also mentored under Prophetess Adele Gray.

Deborah studied at Ashford University and runs her relationship training business, Majesty Makers, out of her home in Kentucky. She works to help people develop healthy relationships that last. Deborah trains workshop participants from varied backgrounds; from singles, pre-marital, married couples, enhancing marriages, co-parenting. “I teach people to fish. I’m tired of feeding you. Let me teach you how to get your own food. Too many people don’t want to learn, they prefer to be fed,” she says. She feels too many go whining to God with their problems. She suggests asking God and ask Him what He has to say today? Ask Him what you need to hear. Deborah teaches about Son-ship at Majesty Makers – teaching others who they are in Christ.

Deborah speaks at Marysville Aglow at Running for My Life Ministries, 122 N. Court St., Marysville, OH. Be blessed as Pastor Turley shares a Word from the Lord to all who attend.