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The Weekend Is So Very Varied With Arts, Spoofs, Drag and Such

Are we sure "Point Break" isn't gay?
Are we sure "Point Break" isn't gay?

Weekend’s here and so much to do.

Dana Zook, Andrew Nance, Damion Matthews play to the bears this weekend in "Yellow."
Lois Tema

“Point Break Live” plays the first Friday of the month at the DNA Lounge at 7:30pm and 11pm. What is “Point Break?” Come on people – how can you ever forget the movie with amazing performances by Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze as FBI agents who go undercover as surfers. It’s also one of the early movies of Kathryn Bigelow who is the only female to win an Oscar for best director. (Hint, it wasn’t for this.)

I am so excited to see this as I love over-the-top spoofs and a few years ago I tried to catch it in Las Vegas but it was sold out. Sounds like the amazing duo of Director Thomas Blake and the creator Jamie Keeling have followed the recipe of success. First, they have sexy Charlie Farrell take over the Swayze part. But for the Reeves role, it could be anybody. Really. They pluck someone from the audience at each performance to play Keanu’s role so the kudos or raspberries await at the end of each performance.

Sounds like a trip I’d take. Go to for more information and tickets.

If you just can’t get enough theatre on Friday, you can have a theatrical double feature. You can start your night with “Sh** & Champagne” at 8pm and then go to the 11pm “Point Break.” Both kind of spoofy, “Champagne” is billed as a dragploitation farce with the sexy D’Arcy Drollinger taking on the female in peril role ready as a chick ready to kick butt a la Pam Grier. Apparently, the butt she most likely will kick – and even kung fu like in those 1970s flicks in parodies – is that of the extremely talented Matthew Martin. This also shows Saturday and has been extended through March so better snap up tickets now. Go to

You can even double up on shows on Saturday. Perhaps you save “Champagne” for your evening, but you can have a matinee at 3pm of Peaches Christ’s spoof of “Clueless.” The evening performance is not surprisingly sold out as Christ’s Midnight Mass followers know what quality she brings to everything she does. Sure we’ll see the movie with Alicia Silverstone from the 1990s, but before that, we will get Peaches spoofed live version called “Get a Clue!,” feature “RuPaul Drag Race” finalist Willam Belli as well as San Francisco drag icon Mahlae Balenciaga. Get more information and tickets at

This weekend also continues San Francisco’s love affair with writer Del Shores as his “Yellow” play tears down the house at the New Conservatory Theatre Center. Shores is known more for his Southern comedies like “Sordid Lives” but “Yellow” seems to be a more emotional journey and is the story of a personal catastrophe that pulls a Mississippi family out of its complacency. Running through March 23, March 7’s performance is of special interest to bears as the fun group of SF Movie Bears is having an outing to see the production Friday. You want to join them and be surrounded by cuddly, friendly bears, get tickets at

Another great theatre option – but you need to really plan ahead – is “The Speakeasy,” perhaps the fastest three hours you will ever spend at an event. It’s part theatre, part burlesque and all exciting. It’s really a throwback to the late 1920s as when you order your ticket, you’re aren’t told where to go until a day before via text. And that text is your last connection to the modern world. When you show up at the mysterious location, you’re given the rules and directions to an underground event Prohibition-style adventure. Sometimes you’re sitting theatre style and other times you are free to mill about seeing other production numbers, catching a piano player and Chanteuse, eavesdropping on discussions in the dressing room and your chance to gamble (but not for real money).

For those who think the show closes soon, they are wrong. Apparently, it sells like gangbusters and there’s not a seat now until May. The artistic director Nick A. Olivero (who is the greatest theatrical genius San Francisco has) says that they don’t have an end date but just aren’t putting tickets on sale more than six weeks or so in advance. So keep the show going by buying tickets. And plan ahead and get tickets for May now. You truly won’t be sorry. Go to for more information.

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