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The week ahead: 'Ride Along,' 'Philomena,' 'The Nut Job,' 'A Promise' and more

"Ride Along"
"Ride Along"
Universal Pictures

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart star in the cop comedy "Ride Along." Judi Dench plays a woman looking for her long-lost son in the Oscar-nominated drama "Philomena." Will Arnett and Katherine Heigl are among the voice actors in the animated film "The Nut Job." These are among the films that premiere on demand from April 14 to April 20, 2014. (Check with your cable or satellite provider for a lineup of on-demand channels on your system.)

Here is a list of those movies and their on-demand premiere dates:

April 15, 2014: "Ride Along"-- with gag reel (Same day as DVD), Rated R.

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube lead the lineup in "Ride Along," a comedy from the director of "Think Like a Man." When the future brother-in-law (played by Hart) joins a tough undercover officer (played by Ice Cube) on an overnight shift, the wisecracking trainee gets accidentally embroiled in the seasoned cop’s latest case. Now, in order to prove that he is worthy of his future bride, he must survive the most insane night of his life. Also starring John Leguizamo, Tika Sumpter, Bryan Callen and Jay Pharoah.

For more info: "Ride Along" website

April 15, 2014: "Philomena" (Same day as DVD), Rated PG-13.

"Philomena" is the true story of one mother's search for her lost son, who was put up for adoption without her permission. Judi Dench stars as Philomena, the birth mother. Steve Coogan (who co-wrote the "Philomena" screenplay) plays a journalist Martin Sixsmith who helps Philomena in her search. "Philomena" was nominated for four Oscars, including Best Picture.

For more info: "Philomena" website

April 15, 2014: “The Nut Job” (Same day as DVD; weeks before Netflix and Redbox releases; available in), Rated PG.

In animated 3-D, “The Nut Job” is an action-packed comedy in fictional Oakton that follows the travails of Surly (voiced by Will Arnett), a mischievous squirrel, and his rat friend Buddy, who plan a nut store heist of outrageous proportions and unwittingly find themselves embroiled in a much more complicated and hilarious adventure.

For more info: "The Nut Job" website

April 15, 2014: “The Invisible Woman” (Same day as DVD), Rated R.

Nelly (played by Felicity Jones), a happily married mother and schoolteacher, is haunted by her past. Her memories, provoked by remorse and guilt, take us back in time to follow the story of her relationship with writer Charles Dickens (played by Ralph Fiennes, who directed "The Invisible Woman") with whom she discovered an exciting but fragile complicity. Dickens (who is famous, controlling and emotionally isolated within his success) falls for Nelly, who comes from a family of actors. The theatre is a vital arena for Dickens, a brilliant amateur actor who is a man more emotionally coherent on the page or on stage, than in life. As Nelly becomes to focus of Dickens' passion and his muse, for both of them, secrecy is the price, and for Nelly a life of "invisibility."

For more info: "The Invisible Woman" website

April 15, 2014: “Toxin”

Lieutenant John Paxton wants revenge against the government he and his men swore their lives to defend. The very government that abandoned and betrayed him, leaving him to die after a secret biological warfare experiment went horribly wrong. John will discover revenge is a journey that will ultimately leave millions infected, countless dead, and the lucky few survivors struggling to find the last safe corner for humanity. Starring Douglas Chapman, Kyra Zagorsky and Philip Granger.

For more info: "Toxin" website

April 15, 2014: "Leave the World Behind"

"Leave the World Behind" follows legendary electronic dance trio Swedish House Mafia as the members decide to end the group in order to save their friendship. Director Christian Larson captures Swedish House Mafia's final world tour which became the largest worldwide electronic music tour in history with over 1 million tickets sold in just one week. Audiences will get a front-row seat as Larson films the trio in an honest, raw, and emotional showcase of the group's final chapter as electronic dance music's finest.

For more info: "Leave the World Behind" website

April 15, 2014: “The Bachelor Weekend” (Before theatrical release), Rated TV-MA.

A bachelor weekend among cordial friends goes haywire when the groom’s soon-to-be brother-in-law crashes the party and challenges their masculinity. Foppish groom-to-be Fionnan would much rather spend his last stag days obsessing over wedding plans than embark on a guys’ night out. Weary of his enthusiasm, Fionnan’s fiancé Ruth convinces his best man, Davin, to take him out for a weekend camping trip. But when Ruth’s alpha-male brother, aptly nicknamed The Machine, arrives unannounced, the tame gathering quickly spirals out of control. Fionnan and his well-mannered friends find themselves at the mercy of The Machine’s crass antics as the trip turns into Fionnan’s worst nightmare. An R-rated slapstick-style comedy, "The Bachelor Weekend" pokes fun at ritualistic male bonding and embracing the great outdoors. Starring Andrew Scott, Hugh O'Conor, Peter McDonald, Brian Gleeson and Amy Huberman.

For more info: "The Bachelor Weekend"

April 15, 2014: “Beneath the Harvest Sky” (Before theatrical release), Rated TV-MA.

Casper (played by Emory Cohen) and Dominic (played by Callan McAuliffe) have been fiercely loyal friends since childhood. Desperate for a way out of their quiet town on the Maine-Canada border, the boys make a pact to pool their earnings on a car and hit the road. But when Casper is drawn into drug smuggling with his outlaw father (played by Aidan Gillen) to pay his share, their friendship is pushed to the brink and adult choices forced on them all too soon. “Beneath the Harvest Sky” is a gripping coming-of-age thriller set against a layered and authentic portrait of small-town American life.

For more info: "Beneath the Harvest Sky" website

April 15, 2014: “Bright Days Ahead” (Before theatrical release), Rated TV-MA.

In this sophisticated French drama, a woman in her 60s (film icon Fanny Ardant) falls for a much younger man (Laurent Lafitte), her computer teacher at the local seniors’ club. As she finds herself courting danger — taking her young lover to places they could easily be discovered by her husband (Patrick Chesnais) — she must decide if her retirement will mark the end for her marriage, or a new beginning. Director Marion Vernoux constructs a subtle and sultry vision of a woman struggling to evaluate the role she has played for others versus the life she wants for herself. In French with English subtitles.

For more info: "Bright Days Ahead"

April 15, 2014: “Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Tour Film” (Before theatrical release)

This strikingly shot concert documentary follows enigmatic Drag City singer-songwriter Bill Callahan on a two-week tour from California to New York. For the past 25 years, under both the Smog moniker and under his own name, Callahan has cultivated a legacy as both a pioneer in the lo-fi movement and one of the country’s finest troubadours. The film is built on impressionistic scenes of Callahan’s life on the road combined with his cryptic musings ("I started playing music when I was 20, and time stopped for me then in a good way”), creating a voyeuristic glimpse into his meticulously constructed universe of disaffection and disorder.

For more info: "Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Tour Film" website

April 15, 2014: “Patrick” (Same day as DVD), Rated TV-14.

In room 15 of the secluded Roget Clinic lies a comatose murderer named Patrick. His doctor says he’s nothing more than limp meat hanging off a dead brain – but Kathy, a young nurse, knows very differently. Patrick has a crush on Kathy, and burgeoning psychic powers. His affection is about to turn into a deadly, bloody obsession. Starring Charles Dance, Rachel Griffiths, Sharni Vinson, Peta Sergeant, Damon Gameau and Martin Crewes.

For more info: "Patrick" website

April 15, 2014: "Art Recession"

"Art Recession" (written and directed by Ming Lai) is a powerful documentary about the importance of art education. Starring Gary Baseman, Gary Blackwell, Michelle Borok, Denise Gray, Jason Holley, Brooke Kent, Monica Magana, Rachel Matos, Karol Heinecken Mora and Eric Nakamura.

For more info: "Art Recession" website

April 15, 2014: “Bombay Movie”

"Bombay Movie" is the documentary story of Raja Menon, and independent filmmaker living in the shadows of India's Bollywood. Inspired by his night watchman to make a film about the city's overlooked working poor, Raja enlists two foreign producers and a star cast to undertake the making of "Barah Aana," the gritty realist film of his dreams.

For more info: "Bombay Movie" website

April 15, 2014: “Journey to Planet X”

By day, Eric Swain and Troy Bernier are a couple of mild-mannered, middle-aged desk jockeys from Florida, but their wildest dreams come to life after hours when they get together to make fantastical sci-fi movies with the help of a green screen, amateur actors, and retro-futuristic computer graphics. As they embark on their most ambitious production yet, this hip and heartwarming documentary shows how boundless imagination can hilariously stretch the limits of DIY moviemaking.

For more info: "Journey to Planet X" website

April 15, 2014: “Pot Country”

"Pot Country" is a documentary that looks at the role marijuana plays in the lives of two people in rural Northern California. Following a fifth generation ex-logger and a back-to-the-land grandma who makes her living as a pot grower, “Pot Country” tells the linear story of how pot came to the homesteads and small farms of Humboldt County, and how it is changing the region in the present day.

For more info: "Pot Country" website

April 17, 2014: “Wolf Creek 2” (Before theatrical release), Rated TV-MA.

The outback once more becomes a place of horror as another unwitting tourist becomes the prey for crazed, serial-killer Mick Taylor. Starring John Jarrett and Ryan Corr.

For more info: "Wolf Creek 2" website

April 18, 2014: “Proxy” (Same day as theatrical release)

A very pregnant Esther Woodhouse (played by Alexia Rasmussen) is walking home after her latest OB appointment, when she is brutally attacked and disfigured by a hooded assailant. When Esther seeks consolation in a support group, she finds friendship and empathy in Melanie (played by Alexa Havins), another mother scarred with tragedy. Esther soon begins to believe that the horrific event might be a bittersweet act of fate. However, friendship and empathy can be very dangerous things when accepted by the wrong people.

For more info: "Proxy" website

April 18, 2014: “A Promise” (Same day as theatrical release), Rated TV-MA.

Germany, 1912. A graduate of humble origins takes up a clerical post in a steel factory. Impressed by his work the elderly owner takes him on as his private secretary. His health declining, the owner is confined to his home, where the young man moves to continue his work. There he meets the owner’s wife, a much younger woman, beautiful and reserved. As time passes the young man falls passionately in love but does not dare reveal his feelings. When the owner announces he is sending his secretary to oversee his mines in Mexico, the wife’s stricken reaction reveals to the young man that she too has fallen secretly in love — a love she cannot express in the presence of her sick husband. Will their love survived the brutal passage of time? Starring Rebecca Hall, Alan Rickman and Richard Madden.

For more info: "A Promise" website

April 18, 2014: “Small Time” (Same day as theatrical release), Rated R.

Al Klein (played by Christopher Meloni) and his longtime friend Ash Martini (played by Dean Norris) own a used car lot. These two know every trick in the book when it comes to selling cars. Martini is a bachelor who never settled down. Klein, however, still pines for his ex-wife Barbara (played by Bridget Moynahan) who left him years ago for a more successful man. After their son, Freddy (played Devon Bostick) graduates high school, he decides to forego college in favor of selling cars with his old man. But what’s good for Al might not be the best thing for Freddy, as Freddy quickly transforms from innocent young man into a seasoned car salesman, leaving Al with a tough decision to make.

For more info: "Small Time" website

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