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The week ahead

Boise State University football

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a ball geek or not, this is a week that the treasure Valley and the nation watch Boise State prove themselves as a sports leader. What does this have to do with business? Football is big business. However, it is also an activity of considerable excitement. Saturday is the day. The big game – BSU against TCU starts at 3:30 Mountain time.

Turkey, Turkey, Turkey

It really doesn’t matter whether you look at the ads from Albertsons, Walmart, Costco, Paul’s, or WinCo. There is only one thing standing between Christmas and now: Thanksgiving. Take your pick of about anything edible; it is on sale. Of course, it is pretty obvious that the Christmas theme has been with us for several weeks, but now is the time to pick up an extra Turkey at a low price.

Preparation for Black Friday

The week ahead is the time of the big push. Across the valley and the nation, merchants are attempting to whet your appetite and stimulate your adrenaline to be ready to fight the big fight, come in at odd hours, and make significant purchases. While to many, this mad marathon seems like a pretty foolish way to spend the day, to the died in the wool believers, this is a date to look forward to.

Fast food folks also haven’t forgotten you. They know that shopping this coming week and the next will find many people ready to pick up a hamburger or a meal, instead of fixing something at home.

So whatever your interest, this coming week is the beginning of considerable activity; enjoy it, but don’t overdo it.


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