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The Wednesday night situation at The Jet Hotel

Denver's "The Jet" Hotel
Denver's "The Jet" Hotel
Photo thanks to The Jet's myspace page

The Jet Hotel. If it were a person, it would probably be that guy. Ya know, that guy who wears sunglasses inside of the bar. That guy who pops his collar, gels his hair, and wears True Religion jeans with bedazzled pockets on the ass. He may have an Ed Hardy shirt or six in the closet. Vodka is his sole drink. And he would probably even create his own nickname...

Alright, so the Jet really isn't my scene. I'll lay it on the line: I'm a dive bar girl. I like sweaty men, cheap drinks, and bartenders who beat up mixologists. I want the drunks to be real drunk and the music coming from a dying jukebox packed with "Now that's what I call music" cd's from 1996. You catching my vibe, readers? Swank isn't my deal. 

But the Jet has made some headway towards a degree of normalcy, a step down on the totem pole of cheese, and every Wednesday night, they partner with BB Talent Management  to put on a showcase of the rising stars of the Denver comedy scene. 

The start time that I had picked up along the way was 8pm. After a harried downtown parking experience, I walked in thinking I was going to be late. Not so. After a solid 45 minutes of pretending I was busy on my iPhone, I recognized a few comedians and decided to chat 'em up and see when this party was getting started. 

Suffice it to say, the party had long been there. Between me, a few employees, and some wandering stragglers, well, it was mostly comedians. But there was a beauty in that. And the beauty was in the apparent comfort everyone felt on the stage, working new material and judging it based on peer reaction alone. 

One of the most beautiful things about this show is that only once...ONCE...did a comedian ask where the weed smokers in the room were at. And that guy actually told a decent joke after he asked the dead question, so it was easier to shake off. In my short-lived journey into the Denver comedy scene, I've found that question to be redundant and typically followed by a predictable and less-than-stellar joke about marijuana, medical marijuana, and/or how easy it is to get a card. I'm sure that joke was funny when told to a bunch of potheads around the gravity bong but no longer, kids. You've all done it. Let's channel the creativity and move elsewhere.

And, in an effort to be fair, I accidentally trashed my notes from last night and I'm reluctant to post anything incredibly specific as it's apt to be wrong. Additionally, I've caught some recent flack for blowing too much sunshine up the behind of the scene, so I'm gonna refrain from saying that everyone was funny. Although I honestly did love everyone. I cant help it. I'm an easy laugh, and I don't hate myself enough to pawn off my self-loathing on other people. So there, a-holes. 

If you want the long version of this night, well, you've already read it. In short, I'd say the showcase was one of the better nights I've seen as the Denver Comedy Examiner. And people should probably go. Because A) it's FREE and B) there are drink SPECIALS and C) good comedy. Great comedy. Come on, Denver. Ya gotta do it.

As for me, I'll definitely be back to the Jet. This time with notes untrashed and the ability to give the comics their due. And additionally, for those of you who are wary of the swank, let it go for a night. Even "The Situation" can occasionally

And on that note...happy laughing, Denver!


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