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The Weather Channel Therapy Dog

Have you met Butler yet?
Have you met Butler yet?
The Weather Channel

Have you seen this dog? His name is Butler and he was chosen amongst many dogs that were narrowed down to the five finalists. Finally he came out on top and has been named The Weather Channel (TWC) Therapy Dog? His job is to travel around the country with his handler after storms have devastated areas and help to bring some inner peace to those suffering the most. Butler is not only the ambassador dog for The Weather Channel though, he is also the ambassador for the American Humane Association (AHA)!

Want to know a little bit about this great dog? Well, he is a 35-pound, one-and-a-half year-old Shepherd Mix. He was rescued from The Humane Society of Charlotte, North Carolina. His winning personality and on-air talent won over the hearts of the producers for TWC as well as the representatives for the AHA. Amy McCullough adopted Butler so now he resides with her family, the McCullough clan, in Colorado and has joined the family’s two other therapy dogs, Bailey and Beckett.

Butler has a sweet personality but had to be trained in obedience in order to fulfill his mission in time for “Storm Season” that began this spring. His new position will dictate that he join Amy McCullough, the National Director of Animal-Assisted Therapy for the American Humane Association as she visits various communities that have been severely impacted by natural disasters. Amy will be Butler’s handler and trainer.

The use of therapy dogs in settings like these has benefitted communities across our nation. Animal-assisted therapy helps people reeling from tragedy. No one can truly understand just how helpful dogs like Butler are until they have been on the receiving end. The dogs literally provide a sense of comfort and maybe even help people to heal a small bit when they need the love and compassion that therapy dogs have to offer after situations out of their control. Gaining a sense of well-being from these compassionate creatures is all some really need.

Butler will be perfect for the position as he loves to give kisses, is very affectionate toward people and likes to sit in people’s laps. Besides that, he is attentive, well-mannered and energetic. He will do well in his vital role of bringing health back to communities as he and Amy visit schools, hospitals, shelters and other locations as they bring much-needed love and service to the folks needing just that.

As Butler gets out on the road this Storm Season, you will likely be able to follow him and Amy as they help people heal. Until then, visit his website to track his progress at

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