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The weaponization of government: IRS’s list of targeted political groups

From You Tube
From You Tube

Last Thursday February 6th. The US House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held hearings looking into Government abuses of power. Catherine Engelbrecht who was one of the testifiers, described these abuses as, “The weaponization of government.”

The people invited to testify along with Ms. Engelbrecht where, Ms. Mitchell, Ms. Gerritson and Mr. Sekulow. Ms. Engelbrecht is the founder of King Street Patriots and True the Vote, both group which are aimed at bettering the lives of all Americans via education, awareness and participation in our governing processes. Ms. Mitchell is the legal representation for True the Vote and many other conservative groups. Ms. Gerritson founded the Wetumpka Tea Party. Mr. Sekelow is chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice.

Ms. Engelbrecht and her husband have owned and operated a precision machine shop for over 20 years and were never under government agencies scrutiny before her filing for tax exempt status. After filing for tax exempt status her and her husbands business was visited by 5 government agencies. Theses agencies were the IRS, OSHA, DOJ, FBI and Texas’s version of EPA. These were not single incidents of intrusion but a series of harassing incursions of domestic terror like tactics. This resulted in Ms. Engelbrecht’s use of the term, “Weaponization of Government.” Our war on terror may need to be expanded to protecting ordinary citizens from the abuse of power of their very own government.

Words can not more accurately describe the impact of these hearings than actually watching them on CSPAN. They can be viewed in two parts at these links; Part 1, Part 2. All Americans should not only view the hearings of government abuse but rise up and speak out loudly against what Ms. Engelbrecht so metaphorically term as the weaponization of government with every one of our civil rights being threatened by the growing abuse of power as exposed in these hearings. Hearing about a list the IRS has targeting a political group is one thing but actually reviewing it with an objective eye is much more patriotic. You can and should review the complete list at:

The volume of things our government is doing unnoticed by most Americans is staggering and should never be allowed by a diligent citizenry. Yet we have and still do allow those that we employ to serve us to abuse the power and privilege we gave them to abuse us the people. Tyranny has raised its ugly head again in our history and again we must make a stand for the principles this country was founded on as outlined in Constitution. Exercise your First Amendment right and speak out against any and all abuses of power by any government entity. It is also prudent to believe that this is not the only list or only time our government agencies have been abusing the power we gave them. Just as we gave them the power to assault our freedoms and privacy we must also take away their ability to exceed the purpose of their duties under the employment of the American people.

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