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The wealth gap in a cruel United States is widening


The United States has been becoming a cruel country with more and more of the wealth of the nation being controlled by
fewer and fewer of the people. This isn't exactly what a so called wealthy and civilized country with mandatory education and therefore a literate society is expected to be all about.

Recent census data have suggested that the wealth gap in the United States has widened over the past decade reported The Washington Post on Aug. 22, 2014. Regardless of how you look at the figures the wealth gap between the bottom and top quintiles in America has widened.

The latest census bureau report offers evidence that the rich are getting richer while the poor get poorer across the United States reports Money News. Although the median net worth of the richest households rose 11 percent between 2000 and 2011, to $630,754, the poor have never been worse off. And because wealth fell for the majority of Americans, the median household net worth for the country overall fell by about 7 percent to $68,828.

The bottom 20 percent of Americans were found to owe more than they had and were worse off in 2011 than they were in 2000. The median net worth of the poorest Americans was negative $6,029 in 2011 compared with negative $905 a decade ago.

The American psychiatrists have a lot to do with this serious problem. There has been a literal epidemic of lucrative misdiagnoses of serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder with associated life threatening stigmatization as enforced by the psychiatrists and US government.

Psychiatry has been legalized across the US with psychiatrists pushing swift, fixed kangaroo civil court proceedings against their victims daily in order to enforce their lucrative interventions. And so we are seeing more and more very well educated Americans with college degrees and even professional degrees who are very capable people out of work or in low paying jobs because of the cruelly enforced stigmatization of the greedy and unethical American psychiatrists.

The US federal government, states, and courts have been endorsing the freezing out and essentially therefore slow murders of the targets of psychiatric tyranny. Yet, as the Citizens Commission on Human Rights has long pointed out there are no biological markers for the myriad of mythical diagnoses of the psychiatrists.

Psychiatry is therefore being used as a weapon of social and economic oppression by wealthy elitists in the United States to keep the competition down and to actually kill them. Overall, this makes the country out to be an unusually cruel country where a smaller and smaller number of Americans have a fair and healthy opportunity to achieve great wealth or for that matter any wealth at all.

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