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The way the universe works

When you think about your life, do you drift back into memories that you consider the good old days? Do these memories surface sadness because you wish you were living in those happier times or are you able to keep your perspective? We are all human and we can’t help but step into our past at times, especially as a parent, it is hard to believe how quickly the years have gone by. Even in our physical world, the way the universe works, we are actually allowed to slip into the past.

The universe offers much more than a beautiful view.
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Yes, did you know that when we are gazing into the nighttime sky, and we are taking in this magnificent view, some of the images are actually from the past?

Astronomer Phil Plait explains that the stars do not last forever, in a way they are mortal like humans, they might fade away or explode; they die. In his words, “But stars live much, much longer [than we do]. The Sun will continue on as it is now for many billions of years. Even the most luminous stars, which use up their core fuel far more quickly, can live for 1 million years or more…
When you look at the stars you are seeing them as they once were. Light travels rapidly—as far as we know, it’s the fastest thing in the Universe… The nearest known star to the Sun is the Alpha Centauri triple-star system, and light takes more than four years to get from there to here. There are about 6,000 or so stars that are visible with the naked eye, and the vast majority of them are within about 1,000 light-years of the Sun… So when you look up at the night you are seeing even the most distant stars in the sky as they were less than 10 millennia ago.”

Pretty interesting stuff, huh? There isn’t anything wrong with reminiscing about the joyous yesteryears, much like the stars, it is a normal part of our world. But, it is important to take a happy inventory of your present day life and if it is lacking, it is time for you to create new precious moments. Remember, your heart is here in the present and even though the mind might retreat or travel to the past on occasion, the present moment, for each of is, is the most empowering!

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