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The way that Playstation Plus distributes free games is changing

Playstation Network
Playstation Network
Photo courtesy of Sony, used with permission

Sony is making some alterations to how their Playstation Plus premium service will offer free game download to subscribers each month. Starting this summer, PS Plus will become restructured to offer two free titles every month for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita as revealed by the official Playstation blog on Thursday. The free game downloads will also now only be available for one month only under the new system.

Currently, PS Plus members are only guaranteed to receive on new title for each of the three covered platforms each month. Under the redesign, that number will be doubled so that subscribers who own all of the Sony systems will be offered a total of six different games at any given time.

However, the free games will now only be available to download for one month at a time. With the current structuring for Playstation Plus, the service provide numerous long-tem download options, but subscribers will only have access to the two free titles of the month for each system starting this summer. Sony confirmed that the existing free game downloads will start being removed from the service in the coming weeks in preparation of the change.

The new setup for PS Plus will bring more structure. The changes will remove the subscription’s current ambiguity for how long each title will remain available as a free downloads. When the new system takes effect, each month’s selection of games will be offered as free downloads for that month only. The Playstation Plus line-up will rotate on the first Tuesday of every month.

Sony also revealed the free downloads for PS Plus members for the month of June, when the service will begin offering two titles per platform. PS4 owners will receive Trine 2: Complete Story and Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate. The Playstation 3 will add NBA 2K14 and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time to the service. Finally, handheld gamers will be able to download Terraria and Mutant Mudds Deluxe for the PS Vita.