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The wave of wavy hair

Many wavy styles don't have to be natural, they can be created with some sort of hot tool whether it be a flat iron, curling iron or curling wand. In the past stylists used curlers, finger waves and pin curls to make wavy hair but now we have hot tools that do exactly the same thing, only much quicker! Giving you more time for other things like makeup and deciding what to wear.

Just having a bit of wave at the bottom is in now.  It looks nice with a bit pinned back too.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Stylists can rock out a gorgeous wave on a chick in about ten minutes with a flat iron on already dry hair. So no sitting waiting for hair to dry under the dryer, that's a thing of the past for sure now. If you have pretty curly hair you can sometimes just use gel and a diffuser to set your hair in its natural curl and then loosen the curl in your hair with a curling wand to make the curls bigger and create more wave. Curling irons work great but sometimes you can get a better shape curl with the curling wand. It usually comes with a hot glove so you can hold the ends right to the wand and not hurt yourself. Of course it depends on which tool feels comfortable for you.

These tools have become useful for stylists especially the one's on the sets with celebrities and ones working runway. Models have very little time between sets and stylists have minimal time for transitions. This gives them more options for the models while still being able to stay in trend. Some flat iron companies like Babyliss have designed a flat irons with plates that curve along the sides of the iron to allow for easier curling. It is a terrific iron whether your hair is short or long and whether you're looking to get curls or straight hair.

Over the past five years or so, curls and waves have started to become much more adorn by their owners since the products took an ever changing slide into actually working. Curly and wavy haired people do not have to fight the frizz anymore because the products do it for them these days. More styles today are geared more towards some form of curl or wave. Celebrities are even wearing their hair with wave, leaving the straight hair behind. If you have curly hair sometimes it's easier controlling it if it's wavy rather then straight. Especially in the summer in Fort Myers where the humidity is enough to make you look like you stuck your finger in the light socket. If you have curly or wavy hair look into Deva Concepts. They have a product line dedicated only to curly hair.

Wavy and curly hair also looks great worn up, loose and messy. A bun is cute or even messy braids. Adding a headband from Pink Pewter can make any curly or wavy hair style look elegant. Whether you're wearing your hair up or down, adding an addition like a headband will be an easy upgrade.

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