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The Watermarks' Open Song Project, free show at Mango's

The Watermarks have always made a point of rewarding fans for their support. The Houston-based band has been known to give away free CDs and buttons at their shows and include extra items with online purchases. They also play the occasional free show and have made all of their recordings available as free downloads (although tipping is appreciated). Now, The Watermarks are embarking on a special project that will offer fans a closer look at their creative process. The band is calling it The Watermarks Open Song Project or WOSP. Actually, I’m the only person calling it WOSP but I hope it catches on.

WOSP will allow fans to see a basic song idea evolve into the finished product of a well produced song. Video and audio updates will be posted to The Watermarks website chronicling each step in the songwriting process. As changes are made, the band will share their reasons for the changes and invite fans to leave their comments, opinions, ideas and suggestions. Fan feedback may affect the outcome of the song, but ultimately that is not the objective of WOSP. The goal is simply to give fans an opportunity to learn more about the songwriting and recording process and to have fun along the way. While The Watermarks are not known to have the type of altercations that The Kinks are famous for, if a fight does break out it will definitely be seen by fans.

The Watermarks Open Song Project is expected to begin sometime during the first two weeks of September. With many schools starting classes around the same time, music students in particular may find it rewarding to participate. For updates, visit The Watermarks website or ‘like’ their band page on Facebook. The Watermarks play a free show on Friday, August 20 at Mango’s with Young Girls, The Live Lights, Mobley, and Skandalon.


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