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‘The Waste Land’ developer talks about his love of 8-Bit visuals

‘The Waste Land’ developer talks 8-Bit visuals-slide0
Digital Tribe Games

“The Waste Land” developer Michele Caletti grew up playing games like “Castelvania II: Simon’s Quest” and “Metroid,” so while on the train, back and forth to work every day, he decided to create the type of game he said “is like a living fossil.”

‘The Waste Land’ developer talks 8-Bit visuals
Digital Tribe Games

Even more a testament to the game being a relic of the past, “The Waste Land” is inspired by the famous 1922 T.S. Eliot poem of the same name and will immediately harken 30-something gamers back to the good old days of the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Master System. With the recent success of games the likes of “Shovel Knight,” the 8-Bit era has made a glorious return, creating memories for gamers who weren’t even born during its original incarnation.

For Caletti however, his love affair with that era of gaming is one that never wavered.

“I love the style, partly because the first games I've played were NES and Master System titles and partly because I like the challenge of being expressive with a limited array of colors and with a low resolution,” Caletti said in an e-mail interview with Examiner today. “Sometimes, deciding a single pixel can take a long time. Also, such a style leaves some room for the imagination, where flashy 3D games don't. And it ages quite well since it's born old.”

“The Waste Land” is set for a September release on Steam via Digital Tribe Games.

For more information on the game, head to “The Waste Land” official website here.

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