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The warm glow of mission people (Video)

The warm glow at Voyager and Interquest this Spring-like morning is a mix of sunrise and early morning coffee house. The strains of a Pandora mix of Fernando Ortega and Chris Tomlin and the smell of beans roasting and espresso brewing are a joyous sign in the Colorado Springs neighborhood. Community is also roasting and brewing as an arduous task of a cross-country move; permits, buying and selling equipment and real estate deals and in a cycle of two 9 month periods the Bixler Family is ready to open the doors of a new phase of coffee house hospitality; and their growing roasting business. These are mission people, sensitive to calling, invitation and being planted in a new community. A ways south of Mission Roasters new Warehouse/Suite, a farmer in Guatemala is also rising. The Fair-Trade rules have has him go from migrant-worker or worse to a progression of farmer-owner, business man. A baby cry comes from another room in the house. His wife tends to the child in this simple existence, as the coffee is brewing on his stove top, and he smiles, and gives a prayer of thanks.

French Press Conference

Family Business

Just a few years ago, he was trying to figure out how to marry the mother of his child. He worked the coffee fields for someone else back then. but Fair-trade companies like Mission Coffee Roasters stood up to the slave wages and drug cartel and gave opportunities to young family-minded farmers by helping them start their family businesses. Brett Bixler gives thanks for what God has done in Colorado Springs and for this stage of his journey. The Bixler's have had and have made strong connections with the community and other Mission People. They employee a small team of coffee lovers and friends to work some of the hours so they can get some family time. They also have great connections near Nashville, TN where Wind farm coffee and coffee house serve the backdrop for a church and the Daily Audio Bible podcast. The coffee became part of the mission when the Bixler's found the podcast, sent the host Brian Hardin, a pound of coffee and a community was launched. Product placement was pretty genuine when Hardin came to the microphone and said "I'm drinking one of the finest cups of coffee I've ever had, that a listener sent..." He then went on to explain who sent it and where to get the coffee. Mission people.

Coffee- tea and us

About sixty miles to the North of the new Mission Coffee Roasters a network of men and women who are part of House Churches in the inner-city of Denver are talking and of course drinking coffee. They are talking about the upcoming summer missions that they annually bring church youth and adults into the inner-city experience of working, prayer walking, worship and hands-on ministry. The invitation helps kids in the parks with sports and performing arts, prayer walking on Capitol Hill and various work projects in some of the poorest neighborhoods in the city. The community of believers and followers is close nit and connected by cell phones, androids, coffee and prayer. Cause Central may be in the middle of the hub of ministries that line Voyager in Colorado Springs; or at a small adobe like farm house in Guatemala, a church near Nashville or a house in a Denver neighborhood.

The common connections

The common connection is concern for the community, the love of God and for one another. The warm glow of Mission Coffee spills over into the community. Sounds of worship and men and women praying can faintly be heard from the strong walls of the warehouse suites. Laughter and kids playing futbol in a field that once brought lonely migrants to the place where young men looked old way too soon is now bright and glowing with hope. The traveler with the ear buds listens to her friend Brian read a passage of the Bible at a train station in New York, the glow of good news mixed with the flow of joyful tears breaks through the dawn. Community building, Front-Range-thinking and Mission people.

Hard and soft openings-Deal of the week

Mission Coffee Roasters opens next week. It is a cornerstone in the pursuit of community building on the Front Range. At the Ministry of Leadership and Communications we are planning studies, relationship building, and outreach groups, mission planning in areas of evangelism; special needs ministries; media that feeds a hungry culture; prayer points; and community building. Brett Bixler soft sells his coffee with the saying "really good coffee with a mission." It's a promise that Bixler has kept for a decade in Baltimore and now on the Front Range. The Front Range Examiner (FREX) is happy to give readers and subscribers a great deal of really good coffee- Bring a copy of any Five Point Columns from and get a free drip cup of coffee with the purchase of a specialty drink. Mission Coffee Roasters is located three blocks north of Interquest Parkway, past New Life Church, and make a right on Ridgeline Drive. To order Fair Trade Coffee call Mission Coffee, for home, church or work please call 888.673.4069 (and tell them you read it at

Mission Coffee Roasters Inc

    • 11641 Ridgeline Dr
    • ·
    • Colorado Springs
    • (719) 203-5163


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