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The Wall Street Journal laughs at Android users…sort of.

Wall Street Journal app
Wall Street Journal app

I am an avid researcher. Living in NY and riding mass transit really gives one the opportunity to read and a brief look around at the professionals on your daily commute will confirm my annotations. In any case I have many publications and Ezines that I read on my device. I have:

  • Engadget
  • AndroidSpin
  • Androidguys
  • Mashable
  • NY Daily News
  • NY Times
  • NewsRob – an RSS feed that links into my Google Reader

Now to be perfectly honest I don’t read all these every day. But the NYTimes tends to be a staple. For a long time, I’ve wanted the Wall Street Journal as app to be added to my Droid. No app appeared as I waited and waited. Much to my chagrin the Wall Street Journal seems to think of Android mobile users as:

  1. Juvenile
  2. Idiots
  3. Or not worth their time

Now they have an Android Tablet app? Is it because Tablet purchasers have more discretionary income? (This is a weak correlation that their Marketing department will make) Why no app developed for Android phone users? What say you Wall Street Journal? Why is there both a WSJ iPhone app and iPad app? Hmm sounds like another winning and revenue generating strategy out of the Wall Street Journal. Folks don’t waste your time just read one of the other 3,000 news apps like NPR, FOX, Time, CNN, and USA Today, etc.


  • McGarrett 4 years ago

    Agreed! They have a great reader app on BlackBerry and iPhone. Surely they can port this to Android.

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