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The wall of excuses: give your health and your all or go home!

Never Give Up. Never Surrender.
Never Give Up. Never Surrender.
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Many athletes talk about hitting the “WALL” or the “BONK” while training physically hard. Wikipedia says that it’s a condition in endurance sports caused by the depletion of glycogen in the liver and muscles which causes fatigue and loss of energy. Though the wall or bonk is a physical condition, it directly affects the mental strength and will of a person and can be a powerful roadblock. How many of us have hit the wall because of exhaustion from putting forth our best efforts, or put an intentional wall because of lack of will?

“Hitting the wall isn’t at first a feeling of giving up, of self doubt, that’s mental. The wall is when every step hurts and only at that point you doubt yourself and your potential. You may know its coming, but not exactly when or how bad it will be, but when you bonk, you’ll know because it hits you. The wall / bonk can be remedied by rest and nutrition, you have to eat and drink to keep going.” – Brent M. (Triathlete, Iron Man contender).

“I have hit the wall. It was back in 2002 after knee surgery. I competed in the Great Aloha Run. At the three mile mark I was ready to give in, but I thought about the finish line and that there are others who were in a more serious state than I was, so I kept telling myself, "What excuse do I have over those in a wheel chair, a prosthetic leg or worse seeing them run along beside me while I fast walked. I had no excuse!” I sucked it up, continued and crossed the finish line. Your body may tell you I don’t want to do this anymore, but you have to dig down deep and look for a valid why. Never give up, never surrender for in the end your biggest regret is that you never tried.” Eugene G.

Every person is their own mason. Be aware that we may build a temporary wall or cause ourselves to bonk. The key is temporary. If we can build it or hit it, we can tear it down and plow through it. Eat and hydrate, rest and commit, pound it hard or go home! You have the choice to never give up or surrender.