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‘The Walking Dead Zombie Bowl’ replaces Super Bowl this Sunday

The Walking Dead Zombie Bowl
The Walking Dead Zombie Bowl

AMC is giving us zombiephiles something to gawk at while the rest of the country waits for halftime to watch expensive commercials and maybe a stray boob. The Walking Dead Zombie Bowl kicks off at 10am ET this Sunday, and goes through the entirety of seasons one and two. This is a godsend for those who don’t own the first two seasons already, can’t stream them, or maybe spent the last 16 months drinking turtle blood.

Maybe you just want to put on the familiar sounds of zombie splatter and survivor bicker while you shore up home defenses and practice some new paracord knots. Whatever the reason you don’t want to watch the Super Bowl - your team isn’t playing, very small chance of crossbow misfire incident, you already bet against the Madden prediction - AMC and the colorful cast of The Walking Dead have you covered.

The Walking Dead Zombie Bowl even continues on next weekend w/ season three and the first half of four. And that my friends, is a twofer (or really it's kind of a double twofer minus a half sorta deal).

Here’s what AMC says about the Bowl,

Fans of The Walking Dead, TV’s #1 non-sports show, won’t be left out on one of television’s biggest nights of the year. Every Humans vs. Walkers moment from The Walking Dead’s season one and two will run in a marathon all the way through the big game. Fans looking to be part of the action will have a full day and night of zombie hits and tackles so they can catch up on early episodes before the mid-season premiere on February 9th.

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