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‘The Walking Dead’ won’t make it past Season 7?

Robert Kirkman
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh

We are just dying in anticipation for “The Walking DeadSeason 5 to debut. So the thought of the series ending is close to unbearable! Sure it has to end sometime, but that time better be far, far away. Unfortunately, Wet Paint didn’t bring the most pleasant news on Tuesday. According to the source, Robert Kirkman says they would be lucky to make it to Season 7. got the full scoop, and the source reports that in the fan letters column of “The Walking Dead” comic books (Issue 126 specifically), Kirkman responded to a fan about upcoming seasons. The “fan” asked about production ending the show by Season 7 or Season 8, and to stop “milking” the series. Kirkman replied with, “Just because something goes a long time doesn’t mean it’s being milked. We’ll be lucky to make it to Season 7, but if we go beyond that it’ll be because we have a story to tell.”

Wet Paint reminds us that Robert Kirkman initially said that he wants the comic book to outlast the TV show. This gives us a little bit of hope, that when the TV series does end we will at least count on the comic books for a bit longer.

How long do you hope “The Walking Dead” lasts on AMC? I think it all comes down to the story. I would want the series to have an amazing season and ending, rather than it dragging on forever with a weak plot.

Let’s not think about that for now though! “The Walking Dead” Season 5 starts sometime this coming October. Filming for the new season began yesterday! The filming location and Terminus set was said to have been packed with guards, extras, and a lot of noise! We can’t wait for spoilers and images to leak.

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