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'The Walking Dead': Will Rick, Carl and Michonne make it to Terminus?

Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira star in "The Walking Dead"
Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira star in "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh

Next Sunday the season finale of "The Walking Dead" will air and while two groups, who have reunited, have made it to Terminus, there is the question of if anyone else will. On March 23, SpoilerTV posted a short clip of "TWD" season 4, episode 16 that may answer that question.

Warning: If you do not want to know "The Walking Dead" 4x16 spoilers, then stop reading.

All of the groups have seen the signs for Terminus and they are all headed that way. Everyone except Beth, who was kidnapped. Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Tara, Glenn, Maggie, Sasha and Bob have made it to Terminus. However, Rick, Carl and Michonne are still walking along the train tracks and Daryl is with Joe's group, who are also going to the sanctuary, as fans found out on the last episode.

Joe's group isn't too happy with Rick and would like nothing more to get revenge for letting a member of their group turn into a walker. Although Joe did tell Daryl about the situation, he has no idea that the person who did it was Rick. So will Rick's group make it to Terminus? If so, will Joe's group make it there as well and what will happen if and when the two meet?

A sneak peek clip of "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 16, titled "A" shows Rick, Carl and Michonne walking. They must have made some progress because they are no longer on the train tracks. Carl is wondering what they should tell the people at Terminus about their past, but Rick says they should just tell them who they are. As they are talking, a walker is seen and Michonne grabs her katana to take care of it with Rick and Carl following behind her.

It is no secret that Michonne can deal with pretty much any walker out there. There have been times when she has had to take care of several of them at once. With her skills along with having Rick and Carl to back her up, the trio will most likely make it to Terminus, but that is just speculation.

A sneak peek for the season finale of "The Walking Dead" aired on AMC immediately following the last episode and it showed hands restrained that were bleeding. The next shot showed Rick who appeared to be in a chair of some kind, unable to get free. He was sweating, had blood on him and looked like he was in pain as well as fearful. Either Terminus is really a place of torture or Joe's group found him.

Robert Kirkman and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd both said in separate interviews that Rick was going to be pushed to the limits. They even went as far to say that if viewers thought they had seen Rick pushed to the edge before, that it was nothing compared to what he will be going through.

What do you think will happen on the season finale? Will Rick, Carl and Michonne make it to Terminus or will Joe's group find Rick first?

"The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 16, titled "A" will air on March 30.

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