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'The Walking Dead': Will Eugene be able to get the group out of Terminus?

Josh McDermitt plays Dr. Eugene Porter on "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Kevin Winter

Viewers only recently met Dr. Eugene Porter on "The Walking Dead" and while not too much is known about him, Abraham claimed that the scientist knew what caused the zombie apocalypse and there could be a cure. On the season finale, Rick finally met Eugene when they ended up in the same boxcar at Terminus. On April 9, WetPaint speculated that Eugene may get the group out of their predicament.

Right now things don't look good for the group. While it is not known exactly what the deal is with Gareth and the others at Terminus, there is some speculation that they are cannibals. Without knowing why the characters are being held prisoner and why the folks at Terminus are luring survivors there, it is hard to say what will happen. Whether the cannibal theory is accurate or not, Rick and the rest of the characters are going to have to get out of there alive. The question is, how are they going to do it?

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Andrew Lincoln, who was asked if Eugene knowing the cure could help the group get out of harm's way at Terminus. Lincoln said that it's possible, but didn't seem convinced that it would happen. If Gareth was interested in the cure, then he would only have use for Eugene. There would be no reason not to kill the others. Right now Gareth has the upper hand and it doesn't seem like he cares about fixing things or making life better, he and the Terminus residents are all about survival in their own strange, demented way.

Another possibility is that Eugene's intelligence can get them out. When Tara and Eugene were walking along the railroad tracks, they found a small metal object. Eugene told her that it could be used to make a homemade battery and pocketed it. Perhaps this scene was a clue to what will happen in season 5 of "The Walking Dead?" Even if the metal object cannot be used in the boxcar, there could be other things laying around that he could use to create some sort of weapon or a tool to help them escape.

Even though it would be interesting to see Eugene pull a McGyver to free them from Terminus, chances are that isn't going to be the case. Rick looked like he had a plan when he discovered he was reunited with the others in the boxcar and that was his first time meeting Eugene, so they haven't talked about anything yet. From the look in Rick's eyes, it looks like he isn't going to hesitate to use brutality or force to protect himself, his son and the rest of his group.

Fans will have to wait until "The Walking Dead" season 5 airs on AMC in October 2014 to find out what will happen. In the meantime, there are many more theories circulating the Internet regarding Team Prison and Terminus.

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