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The Walking Dead: Will Daryl Find Romance?

During the final few episode of season four of The Walking Dead, fans have wondered if bad boy Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) will find romance. Speculation about a possible Daryl and Beth hookup ran rampant after the two were paired up following the ousting at the prison.

One recent episode featured the two bonding as Daryl opened up to Beth and revealed some of his soft center. Not long after that, though, Beth disappeared under kidnapping circumstances and fans were left to wonder if she would even survive. As we have all seen on The Walking Dead, no one is safe.

With the return of Carol, though, it seems like there might a possibility of some romantic happiness for the tough guy redneck Daryl. Maybe?

Personally, I would like to see Daryl and Carol develop a romantic relationship. Carol has depth of character that has been developed over the past four seasons. While Beth might be cute, she is young and her character is very shallow. I don't see her surviving much longer.

Since almost every female who watches The Walking Dead has a crush on Daryl, we all want to see him find some happiness and of course a lady love. Will it happen? It's hard to judge since Daryl was a character created for the show and was not in the graphic novels the show is based upon. We get no clues from the comics about Daryl's future.

What do you think? Should Daryl find romance and if so, who should it be with? Carol? Beth? Somebody totally new?

The season four finale will be aired on AMC on March 30, then we will have to wait until fall to see what happens on season five. Whether Daryl finds a gal or not, it is certain to only be explored fully during season five -- if at all.

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