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'The Walking Dead': Will Beth appear in season 5?

There were a few characters missing from "The Walking Dead" season finale and one of them was Beth, played by Emily Kinney, who was kidnapped on a previous episode while she and Daryl (Norman Reedus) were fighting off zombies. Some viewers expected to see her or at least find out a little bit about what happened to her, but the only mention of her name was when Daryl told Rick that she was "just gone." So the question is will fans ever see her again? On April 1, WetPaint posted what Robert Kirkman had to say about if Beth would appear on "The Walking Dead" season 5.

Emily Kinney plays Beth on "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Catrina Maxwell

Warning: If you do not want to know possible spoilers or speculation for "TWD" season 5, then stop reading.

There have been theories that Beth was being cooked on the barbecue and some viewers observed that Mary, the greeter at Terminus, was wearing a sweater that looked just like Beth's. However, others are saying that it was not Beth's sweater. Also, some people thought that the season finale flashback of Rick putting his hat on Beth and saying she was the new sheriff may have been a clue. Those that believe the latter believe that the sheriff hat and statement was a hint that she would have a bigger, stronger, more fearless role in "The Walking Dead" season 5 and a few fans are even speculating that she may be the one to save Rick and the others trapped in Terminus. While no theories can be confirmed right now, creator Robert Kirkman did say,

“The Beth BBQ question is a big one. I've seen that a lot on Twitter. When a theory is as prevalent as that one is, it's more than likely not true. If there ever was a storyline where we were going a different way and the audience seemed to be ahead of us to that point, it would be extremely unfortunate and I would certainly not feel too good about how well we're doing our jobs. Thankfully this doesn't seem to be the case.”

Kirkman also responded to what happened to Beth in an interview with,

“I don’t know! She got taken, she’s not back yet.”

The word "yet" may mean that viewers will see her again. Robert added,

“I can say that Terminus has a lot of signs out there and it’s certainly possible that all kinds of different people out there could make their way to Terminus in some way, so maybe Beth shows up to Terminus in Season 5…maybe not. I think I can say that Beth’s story is not over. We’ll see her again, maybe in Season 5, maybe not.”

What do you think about the Beth storyline? Do you think actress Emily Kinney will return in "The Walking Dead" season 5 and if so, who took her and what will her storyline be?

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