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'The Walking Dead': Who kidnapped Beth and why?

Emily Kinney plays Beth on "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Rick Diamond

On the March 9 episode of "The Walking Dead," Beth was kidnapped while Daryl was battling walkers. All viewers know is that it was someone in a black car and Beth's bag was left behind, a sure sign she didn't leave willingly. So who kidnapped Beth and what was their reason for doing so? Fans speculate on who kidnapped Beth and why.

There are a lot of people that could be responsible, although viewers haven't met them yet. Andrew J. West will be playing the new character of Gareth. Next to nothing is known about the character except that his role will be very important to season 4 and he will have an option to become a series regular in season 5. Without knowing if he is a good guy or bad guy, all fans can do is wonder if he is the one who took her.

There are also the Hunters, a group of cannibals that have resorted to eating their own children. At this suggestion, some fans wondered why they would take Beth and not take both her and Daryl. The answer is simple... Daryl would be more difficult to overpower. Beth is young and probably wasn't paying attention to what was going on around her because she was busy running from the house. At first sight, she looks weak, vulnerable and would appear to be easily overpowered.

Some fans are also wondering if Beth will end up being one of Negan's wives. He is a character from "The Walking Dead" comic books and while Robert Kirkman said he will not appear in season 4, he may or may not show up in future seasons. If he hasn't been written into any scripts yet, it would be difficult to believe that he took her.

One other theory is that Beth was kidnapped by some dangerous people. She is a young lady, pretty and was alone when she was running from the house. There are some unpleasant characters in the world, especially since the onset of the zombie apocalypse. All fans have to do is think what horrible things someone with a twisted and cruel mind would do to her.

The Facebook page for "The Walking Dead Women" posted a rumor on Beth, although the admin did warn that the information could or could not be accurate. According to the post, Beth does die and her body will be mutilated. There is a photograph circulating on the Internet that shows a group of people in some sort of meadow. The shot was taken far away, so there is no telling who is there or if it is even the cast of "The Walking Dead," but they wrote that Rick will find her mutilated and hanging from a tree. Again, take that with a grain of salt because until it is confirmed, it is just speculation.

Why do you think that Beth was kidnapped and what could be the reason?

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