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The Walking Dead: What Will Happen at Terminus?

The final episode of The Walking Dead's fourth season is scheduled to air March 30 -- just one day away. The survivors from the prison and some newcomers have been steadily making their way along the railroad tracks to Terminus -- the supposed safe haven in the midst of the apocalypse.

While those associated with The Walking Dead are tight-lipped about what will happen on the final episode, there has been much speculation all over the Internet about who will survive, what will be found at Terminus, and exactly what the heck is going on.

So, what will happen at Terminus?

We know from past experience with season finales of The Walking Dead that there will be a great deal of death, destruction, mayhem, and shocks. There are five characters remaining from the first seasons -- Rick, Carl, Daryl, Carol, and Glenn -- and there are rumors that one of those original survivors will be among the dead on this last episode.

Of course, there are several other characters who have managed to survive since at least the end of season two (Michonne) and who knows which ones will actually survive?

So what will happen at Terminus?

Here are a few guesses, and Terminus could have one or all, or maybe none:

The survivors will find cannibals.

The survivors who survive this episode will be taken prisoner for a purpose that won't be revealed until next season.

A survivor from season one will die. My guess is that Daryl and Rick are safe. Rick is the integral character who ties the seasons together and Daryl is a fan favorite who can't be killed if AMC wants people to keep watching. So that leaves Carol, Glenn, and Carl. One of them will die -- or maybe all three of them. I believe Glenn drew the short straw for this one. Remember that nobody is safe and when we start to really like a character, well, they die. We have rooted for Glenn to survive the virus that killed so many in the prison, then we rooted for him to find Maggie. Remember how much we liked Dale? Remember how much we liked Herschel? The jury is still out on Carol and Carl, though. I think it's very possible that Carl will die in this episode. Why? Well...why not?

The "Claimers" group will become atrociously violent with the prison survivors (retribution against the unknown guy in the house who is heading toward Terminus, remember?) and most of the Claimers will die, along with plenty of others.

Joe (Jeff Kober) will survive and become a character carryover into season five.

We will find out what happened to Beth, and it will be a storyline that will carryover into season five. That doesn't meant Beth will survive, but whatever happened to her will be something revisited in season five.

So who will become the "red shirts" of this final episode and not survive? My prediction is this: Tyreese, Glenn, the Claimers (except for Joe), Tara (she's already injured remember?), Bob, and a whole bunch of people whom we think might be at Terminus. I am waffling on Carl, though. I lean toward Carl ending this season, or at least his fate being left unknown until season five.

So what do you think? What will happen at Terminus and who will survive the final episode of The Walking Dead?

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