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'The Walking Dead': What is the cause of the zombie virus and is there a cure?

Christian Serratos plays Rosita on "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Jason Merritt

Viewers met three new characters, Sgt. Abraham Ford, Dr. Eugene Porter and Rosita Espinosa. The three "recruited" Glenn and Tara, at first telling them that the bigger the group, the safer they would be. Then when Glenn woke up in the truck and Tara told him they already passed the bus, he tried to walk in the opposite direction, determined to find Maggie. However, Abraham told him that they were headed to Washington D.C. because Eugene knows what caused the zombie apocalypse and expected Glenn to go with them. On Feb. 26, WetPaint discussed whether there is even a cure and if Glenn and Tara will go with the three characters.

The only thing Glenn cares about is finding Maggie. Showrunner Scott Gimple said,

“Glenn hears there’s possibly a cure, but he’s not going to be deterred."

Steven Yeun also had something to say about his character,

“I don’t know if he doubts them, but I don’t know if he’s willing to go on a frantic mission for that when he has one key thing still left to fight for.”

When fans put themselves in their shoes, it is easy to understand why Glenn is so determined to find Maggie. Nearly everyone would do whatever they could to find their loved ones.

The show also seems to reflect this view. Glenn doesn't care about a cure, he just wants to find the woman he loves. He needs to know what happened to her, even if that means she didn't survive. Little does he know that she is alive and well and is looking for him, too.

Robert Kirkman explained this specific storyline,

“It shows what I’ve always felt is important about these characters. They’re not really interested in finding the cure; they’re always going to be focused on their survival and keeping the ones that they love safe.”

So is there a cure? It is reported that in the comics, the claim that Eugene knows what caused the zombie outbreak turns out to be false. It is hard to say whether the television series will go in the same direction or not, but it seems pretty clear that Glenn won't be going with them.

IMDB usually gives clues from the credits, but Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) is only credited until the episode titled "Still." However, his biography hasn't been filled out on the site and there is a note that the information has not been verified, so he could be appearing in just one episode or several.

Josh McDermitt's profile is more complete. He is being credited for the role of Eugene in episodes 12, 15 and 16. Christian Serratos, cast as Rosita, will appear in episodes 12 and 16.

What do you think will happen with Abraham, Eugene and Rosita in "The Walking Dead" season 4? Does Eugene really know what caused the walker virus and if so, is there a cure? Or is it just a ruse to get other survivors to join them?

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