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'The Walking Dead': Watch ‘Claimed’ live stream, TV and AMC schedules

Unsuspecting addicts of “The Walking Dead” are learning about all the choices for viewing their favorite show. Many times viewers have to set up the DVR to make sure their latest episode is available on a convenient schedule. But, what if you could watch a few hours earlier - for free? Below is the list of where TWD addicts can watch Sunday night’s “Claimed” episode, most offer the show for free. Perhaps the most reliable link was reported Sunday by the staff of iDigitaltimes.

Watching tonight on cable or satellite? Watch via cable or satellite the newest episode “Claimed” on AMC at 9/8c.

Alternatively viewers can watch the following day, at the AMC’s website and the best news is that the episodes are available for about 30 days after original release date. Other alternatives for delayed watching are iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon prime.

If waiting is not your style you can use the live link above or check out these other live stream choices for tonight’s episode:

I Live : The Walking Dead

Reddit: List of live stream channels

Fansided: Recommends Amazon Instant Video

It seems there is a variety of ways to view the show and one thing is sure, all TWD addicts will be watching zombie like heads roll. Check out today's spoiler article and take a sneak peek at "Claimed."

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