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'The Walking Dead': Watch 'Alone' live stream, TV schedules, sneak peek (video)

Fans of “The Walking Dead” have some interesting choices for viewing this top rated survivalist show. Live streaming video and cable or satellites are still the favorite choices of TWD addicts. If the power goes out you can still catch episodes later at 11 p.m. on AMC or the following day on AMC’s website. According to Sunday’s Fansided, there are only four more new episodes left to the season and one best place (AMC) to watch the latest apocalyptic episode. The show airs Sunday on AMC at 9 EST, so fans must adjust for time zone differences when accessing the live streaming video channels.

Will Glenn and Maggie be reunited?
AMC / Facebook / Twitter

Perhaps the most reliable link for Sunday’s show is AMC’s story sync. An interesting alternative to watching on satellite or cable, story sync offers spoilers, participation in polls and trivia questions while enjoying the show. Additional reliable live stream choices for tonight’s episode:

I Live: :The Walking Dead” Season 4 episode 13, “Alone”

Amazon instant video: Instant video charges a small fee to watch episodes. However, behind the scenes videos are free.

It seems there is a variety of ways to view the show and one thing is sure, all TWD addicts will be watching tonight to see if there is more news of Beth and Daryl, to see if Maggie and Glen reunite and to find out where Michonne, Rick and Carl are headed.

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