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'The Walking Dead': Update on spinoff zombie show

With how successful "The Walking Dead" is, it is no surprise that a spinoff show is in the works. On March 28, Hollywood Life revealed a few small details about the show, the characters and the location.

Update on "The Walking Dead" spinoff/companion series
Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images

While many are calling the upcoming series a spinoff, it is actually more of a "companion" show. Spinoffs typically have a few characters from the original show, but this isn't happening. Despite rumors that a few "TWD" characters might appear in it, the series will have all new people. It will also be in a completely different location.

No details have been released on which actors will appear on the new show or where it will be located. Only that the cast will be new and that they will not be anywhere near Atlanta. Since "The Walking Dead" was set in the suburbs of Atlanta or out in the woods and the story began after the outbreak, when most people were dead or had turned into walkers, perhaps the new zombie series will be pre-apocalypse, maybe in a big city like New York or Los Angeles. Once Hershel and Rick were talking while they were still on the Greene farm and Rick was amazed at how the devastation hadn't reached their area yet. People who were away from highly populated areas seemed to have had a better chance of surviving. If the new show were to be set in a huge city with a dense population, that would increase the action and risk.

With so little information being released about "The Walking Dead" companion show, all fans can do is speculate. What are your theories?

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