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‘The Walking Dead’ trailer for episode 4X11 ‘Claimed’ sneak peek promo

Now that we know where everyone is on season 4 of “The Walking Dead” HBO decided it is time to t4ease us with spoilers for the next episode, 4X11 “Claimed.” YouTube posted the video on Feb. 17 and you can watch it here on this page.

‘The Walking Dead’ trailer for episode 4X11 ‘Claimed’ sneak peek promo
Photos by AMC Promotional

The opening shots are of the three new arrivals Glenn and Tara met at the end of the last episode. Abraham Ford introduces himself and his companions, telling the tattered twosome “We need people. The more, the better.”

There are rapid fire shots of Rick in the house where he and Carl have been holed up. Someone comes in and Rick takes evasive measures, at one point apparently climbing out on the roof. Michonne is also seen cautiously exploring a house but whether it is the same house or not is unclear. Later she, Rick and Carl are seen walking down the train tracks everyone else seems to be following.

Glenn aggressively asks someone, “What did you see?” and we can only assume he is trying to find out about Maggie. In a voice over, Abraham says, “She’s gone.” In another clip, Glenn and Tara open fire on an unseen enemy. The last shot is of Abraham cautioning a distraught looking Glenn, “There’s no need for you to die, too.”

Looks like Glenn is being lead to believe Maggie is gone and that Michonne and the Grimes boys hot the road in search of the others or maybe a safer place.

“Claimed” airs Sunday, Feb. 23 on AMC when season 4 of “The Walking Dead” continues.

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