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'The Walking Dead': Tortured screams heard on Terminus set

Norman Reedus stars as Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Gary Gershoff

Season 5 of "The Walking Dead" is currently being filmed and fans are looking forward to finding out what will happen with Rick and the rest of the characters. On Sunday, Latin Post reported that fans hanging out at the filming location are hearing tortured screams. These reports are having viewers speculating on what is going on at Terminus.

Viewers already know that Gareth and the others at Terminus are not the nicest people. It is being heavily speculated that they are cannibals. However, some are wondering if there is something else also going on. The Spoiling Dead Fans wrote on Facebook that there is a green tarp over the top of the train car. It is also being reported that the tanks on the set are being made to look old and rusted. The Facebook page also wrote today that there was massive gunfire.

There have also been multiple explosions at "The Walking Dead" season 5 set location and fans say that loud screams are being heard. The screams are being described not as arguing or shouting, but sounding like people are being tortured. Could these tortured screams be coming from the other innocent people trapped in boxcars or are they from Rick and the group? Perhaps the main characters get the upper hand and the screams are from Gareth and his people?

According to Reddit, there is a rumor that Rick and the rest of the group will escape Terminus by using walkers to their advantage. The post states that the herd of walkers that Daryl came across last season will arrive at the sanctuary. While most survivors would be fleeing or trying to kill the walkers, fans have seen in previous episodes how Michonne used walkers to disguise herself. Rick and the group could easily wrangle the zombies up and use them to their advantage.

What do you think of fans reporting tortured screams on "The Walking Dead" season 5 set? What do you think of the rumor of how Rick and the others will escape? Do you think it sounds accurate or do you have another theory?

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