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'The Walking Dead': The truth about Terminus revealed?

The truth about Terminus may have been revealed
The truth about Terminus may have been revealed
amc/YouTube (screen capture)

There has been a lot of speculation about the folk at Terminus, with one of the theories being that the "sanctuary" on "The Walking Dead" is full of cannibals. Showrunner Scott Gimple recently said that fans shouldn't assume that they are cannibals, which caused different theories to surface. However, E! Online reported today, April 14, something about Gareth and the others at Terminus that may reveal what they really are. The website also wrote that there will be a new character in season 5 of "The Walking Dead."

Even though Scott Gimple said in a recent interview that fans shouldn't assume the people at Terminus are cannibals because of a pile of bones, he didn't deny that they ate people either. E! News posted a spoiler for the zombie apocalypse show and may have revealed that they really are cannibals. The post calls the folk at Terminus "man-eating freaks."

There is also other news regarding "The Walking Dead" season 5. It turns out that there is going to be a new character when the show returns. His name is Burton and he is 17 years old. He is described as a young man who is missing a leg, but he doesn't let his disability keep him down. Burton is also a very positive individual, which tends to be contagious.

International Business Times is speculating that Burton is a character twist from the comics. In the books, Dale got bit by a walker and went into the woods by himself to die. Instead of being left alone, a cannibal group called The Hunters attacked him. They chopped off his leg and had themselves a feast, not realizing that Dale had been bitten. When he awoke, he let them know that he had been bitten by a walker.

Do you think that Burton is a character twist from the comic books? What do you think will happen with this new character when "The Walking Dead" season 5 airs? Fans will have to wait until October 2014 to find out.