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'The Walking Dead': Rick's changes plus deleted scene photo of Terminus

Andrew J. West plays Gareth on "The Walking Dead"
Andrew J. West plays Gareth on "The Walking Dead"
Movieline/YouTube (Screen Capture)

Even though "The Walking Dead" will not return to television for several months, fans are still speculating on what will happen with Terminus and the main characters. On April 3, WetPaint wrote about Rick, the prison group and the folks at Terminus. The Walking Dead Forums also posted a deleted scene photo that may show what evils the group will encounter when the show returns.

All fans really know right now is that Rick's suspicions about Terminus not being a safe place turned out to be correct. There were people locked up in boxcars, the Terminus residents were either wearing or carrying items that belonged to the main characters and there was a shot of a pile of human skulls on the property. So what can viewers expect when "The Walking Dead" season 5 airs?

Rick will be a new man

For one, Rick will be a different person. Ripping into someone's throat with his teeth isn't something that he is going to be able to forget anytime soon. The experience, as well as everything else he has gone through will change him. He will be tougher, stronger and more confident. As for Terminus, the promise of a sanctuary sounded good, but Rick was suspicious which is why he hid the guns, wanted to watch from afar and why they decided to surprise Gareth and his group by going in the back way.

However, it wasn't enough to keep them from being put into a boxcar, herded like cattle being prepared for slaughter. Will they be able to get out of their predicament? Robert Kirkman answered,

“He [Rick] knows ‘I’ve got my people back now and these people give me strength.’ And I think that’s what gives him the confidence to know that he is going to be able to handle this situation and he is going to be able to keep his people out. And whether or not he’s right we’ll just have to find out in Season 5.”

It was revealed in another article that Gareth and Terminus would be dealt with pretty quickly, so the upcoming season won't be all about life in a boxcar.

Terminus not all about cannibalism?

Fans have been busy discussing what exactly will be revealed about Terminus and what they will do to Rick and the group. A photo was posted in The Walking Dead Forums and it is labeled a deleted scene from "The Walking Dead" season 4 finale. In the photo, Rick and Michonne are seen in a dungeon-type room battling walkers. Carl is also there, although it's difficult to see him because he is behind Rick, but the sheriff's hat is a dead giveaway that it is him. One user said that in the far right corner, Daryl can be seen, although one has to look closely. There are some walkers who have chains attached to them and bloody carcasses can be seen on the ground.

Based on this photo, it seems that Terminus isn't just about cannibalism. If it were, then they wouldn't bother having them battle walkers. It almost seems like it is some sort of game or test.

What do you think will happen between Rick, the group and Terminus? Do you have any theories about what will happen in "The Walking Dead" season 5?

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