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'The Walking Dead' synopsis and spoilers for season 4, episode 14 'The Grove'

On Sunday, March 9 Wetpaint Entertainment posted a synopsis and spoilers for "The Grove," the upcoming fourteenth episode on the fourth season of "The Walking Dead," which will focus on the surviving groups finding shelter for the first time since the prison. The official synopsis is listed below:

'The Walking Dead' season 4 poster
The Huffington Post

After establishing a new shelter, the group considers things returning to the way they used to be.

The shelter that is mentioned in the synopsis could be the Terminus, since almost all the prison survivors have come across the sign. Having a safe shelter would mean having a safe place from walkers like the prison, but there is always a price to pay for safety. Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd recently teased that a new evil would be coming in the second half of the series, which could be another evil person like The Governor or a new threat altogether.

The group of Carol, Judith, Tyreese, Lizzie and Mika needs to find shelter and they haven't appeared since episode ten. Several cast members have revealed that this group will get a big episode in the second half, and this could be it since there are only three episodes left.

Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Beth, Glenn, Maggie, Bob, Sasha, Carol and Tyreese are all credited for appearing in the episode but this could be a misdirect. Beth and Daryl get separated in "Alone," while the new characters Daryl encounters could be the Hunters from the comic book series. Maggie, Bob, and Sasha seem to get surrounded by walkers in the woods, and someone may get bitten.

"The Grove" will air on Sunday, March 16 at 9 p.m. on AMC. There are only three episodes left in the fourth season, and new characters and more dramatic situations are being introduced with each episode. The season finale will air at the end of March and help set up the fifth season of the show, which is expected to begin filming in May outside Atlanta.

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