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'The Walking Dead' star Norman Reedus reveals his celebrity crushes

Norman Reedus reveals his celebrity crushes and Ian Somerhalder is not one of them
Norman Reedus reveals his celebrity crushes and Ian Somerhalder is not one of them
Photo by Frazer Harrison

You'd think that a guy like Norman Reedus would crush on a butt-kicking babe who could hold her own during the zombie apocalypse. It's easy to imagine Norman falling for Daryl Hannah's "Blade Runner" replicant, tough rocker chick Joan Jett, or "Halloween" star Jamie Lee Curtis. After all, Jamie's character is one of the few to escape being murdered by Michael Meyers, and the actress would grow up to resemble Daryl Dixon's sort-of love interest Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). However, Norman had different '80s beauties on the brain during his teenage years.

According to an April 7 report by Entertainmentwise, "The Walking Dead" star recently revealed that his very first celebrity crush was "Annabella from Bow Wow Wow." Annabella Lwin's group sang a very popular, infectious cover of the 1965 song "I Want Candy." It's not that shocking that Norman Reedus would fall for an edgy girl like Annabella. She sported a very wild hairstyle with shaved sides, and she caused quite the scandal by posing nude for album cover art when she was just 15 (and you thought Miley Cyrus was controversial).

Norman Reedus's other big celebrity crush was Suzanne Somers, who was probably the celebrity crush of every guy who grew up during the late '70s and early '80s. "My second one was Suzanne Somers from 'Three’s Company,' who I met actually at an Oscars party, and I think I was drooling on myself," Norman said of the blonde bombshell. "She said 'Norman, did you grow up on me?' And I go, 'You have no idea!' I liked all her outfits." Maybe he should try to score a cameo for her on "The Walking Dead" – she'd make one very interesting-looking zombie!

Norman also talked about working on a movie with another iconic blonde babe. Before becoming Daryl Dixon, he was lucky enough to score a role alongside Debbie Harry in the 1997 movie "Six Ways to Sunday." "I did a movie with her where I sleep with her and kill her," Norman said of working with the Blondie singer. "First I kill her, then I sleep with her, then I take her dead body on a bus, and we leave town." It's nice that Norman switched over to being a good guy after murdering one of the disco era's most beloved divas.

What do you think of Norman's celebrity crushes?