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'The Walking Dead' star Emily Kinney talks moonshine and Beth Greene

In a recent interview, Emily Kinney talks about moonshine and her first time drinking it.
Photo by Rick Diamond

On March 20 The Daily Beast shares an interview with "The Walking Dead" star Emily Kinney who plays Beth Greene.

In the interview, she talks about her character Beth, who she says she feels a lot like. Kinney feels that Beth would have been an artist and she has tried to bring that to light in the little details of her costume such as her bracelets, or her mismatched earrings. She has shared many of the same firsts with Beth as well. Like drinking moonshine.

Kinney says that the first time that she ever had moonshine was offered to her by a cast member, Scott Wilson, who played Hershel. The cast was invited over to his house for dinner one night and he offered everyone some. Kinney recalls that she can't remember whether he had bought it or he had made it himself but for some reason he had moonshine.

About that drink, Emily says she feels that it was Beth's teenage rebellious way of saying, "live life to the fullest" in a world where it wasn't really possibly. She didn't feel that it was her destiny to follow some "old" guy around the woods forever but to do something with her life.

Beth and Kinney have more in common than just moonshine, however. Emily says that she also grew up in a small town. They both love to sing and were raised in religious families with two siblings. Georgia has also grown on Kinney as she has purchased a small apartment there where she likes to hang out with Steve Yeun and Lauren Cohan.

Are you surprised that Emily Kinney and her character Beth are so similar?

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