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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Will Daryl kill one of his hunting mates?

On March 20 Screen Crush shares another spoiler for next week's episode of "The Walking Dead" entitled "Us."

In this teaser, Daryl is hunting with his mates and it looks like it's going to be trouble for him. Daryl is hunting rabbits that he shot himself when one of his new buddies tells him that he has to hand it over because it's been claimed. Daryl is in no mood to be messed with after Beth was snatched from the funeral home they were staying in and tells him that he's not giving up his catch.

The guy starts questioning him about whether it's a girl that has him so twisted and starts in on him about shacking up with the "youngin's" because they never last long. Since the beginning of the show, Daryl hasn't been in any kind of relationship and while he is now good friends with Beth, he isn't dating her and has never been anything more than a companion and friend to her while they are looking for the rest of their group.

The guy gets such a rise out of Daryl that he unsnaps the holster that keeps his knife in place. Is Daryl going to kill him? Would Daryl do such a thing? He obviously doesn't care for this band of hunters and is only sticking with them so that he can stay alive, but the question now is, will any of them? Or will Daryl kill them?

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