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‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers: Will Carol and Tyreese hook up?

‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers: Will Carol and Tyreese hook up?
‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers: Will Carol and Tyreese hook up?

The Walking Dead” will start up again in one week, and there is a lot of speculation about what could happen when the show kicks off the second half of its fourth season. According to Wet Paint on Feb. 2, one of the big questions involves the characters of Tyreese and Carol and whether or not they will end up together.

For fans who read the comic books, this makes sense, although one big thing “The Walking Dead” does is change things up so that even people who read the comics have no idea what will happen. Tyreese existed from the start of the comic books, while Shane died quickly, and in the TV show, Shane lived longer and Tyreese is still a new character.

However, in the comic books, Tyreese and Carol had a strong relationship with each other through the prison years, something that ended when Carol was bitten and died in the prison while Tyreese had his head chopped off by The Governor. That did not happen on the TV show, as Herschel was the one decapitated and Carol was exiled by Rick.

With the people leaving the prison after the major attack, and getting separated in the process, one might question if the Tyreese and Carol relationship might kick off again if he finds her wandering the country by herself this season.

The producers already said that Carol will return at some point this season, but how she returns and which group of survivors finds her is unknown. Since Tyreese has the little girls, Lizzie and Mika, two girls that Carol helped after they were left orphaned, it seems like Tyreese and Carol are the ones most likely to meet up this season. Will romance follow?