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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: What happens when you run out of ammo?

On this Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead" we'll find out what it looks like when you run out of ammo.
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh

On March 3 Cinema Blend shares the promo video of next week's "The Walking Dead" and it looks like the episode is going to go back to the groups of survivors as opposed to focusing on only a group of characters.

This week, Sasha, Maggie, and Bob are going to find out what happens when you run out of ammo and are surrounded by walkers. While circling and having each other's backs seems like the easy thing to do, in photo stills of the episode, Bob is seen alone, so it might be that he sucks at survival, or Sasha and Maggie had their fill of him and sent him away.

Daryl and Beth will be seen again this week and it looks as if the two are starting to get pretty cozy together. We might get to see Michonne and Rick looking for some of the others. Many are secretly hoping that we'll see some more of Abraham and his group return as well.

This Sunday's episode is going to switch back and forth between Rick's group of people. Hopefully we don't lose any major players as they have all been fortunate enough to survive.There are only three more episodes after this coming Sunday's "Alone" so hopefully our favorite characters don't die beforehand.

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