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‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers: This could change ‘TWD’ as we know it

'The Walking Dead' Season 5
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Whoa. Major rumor alert! Spoilers and images from set have started to leak, but there’s a new rumor that is sure to shake things up. On Wednesday, TWD Reddit revealed a character death that is currently being filmed. Please note that spoilers are ahead for “The Walking DeadSeason 5.

According to the source, which was backed up by Spoiling Dead Fans, “multiple sources” are saying that Glenn’s death was filmed last night. Could this be true? Now remember, take all spoilers with a grain of salt! We won’t know for sure until the season airs, but the source has always been accurate before and often posts images from set.

The source goes on to state that they are closely tracking this rumor and hope to come back with a confirmed spoiler soon. In the meantime, they want all fans to only think of it as a rumor. Fingers crossed that it’s just a rumor released to increase fan’s anticipation for the return! Glenn’s death would be changing things up in a major way!

Alanna Masterson, who portrays Tara, tweeted, “When someone great is gone.” Sources have been saying that this could be for Glenn, but I don’t think so. What do you all think? Will this be Glenn’s final season? Sure, he has to die sometime…but must it be so soon?

Last night, spoilers surfaced on the character Seth Gilliam would be playing. And if you missed it, then yep, he will be playing Father Gabriel Stokes. Photos of the actor dressed in priest attire leaked online. You can read all about that here.

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 returns to AMC this October. Just like you, we are also glued to the computer (or phone) screen awaiting the latest “Walking Dead” spoilers. The wait is just too long!

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