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'The Walking Dead' spoilers tease Rick's fate and season 4B

Will Rick Grimes survive season 4?
The Official The Walking Dead Facebook

"The Walking Dead" is getting ready to return to AMC, and now fans are being given another look at what is coming up next. On Monday, Jan. 6, The Walking Dead AMC Facebook shared the latest trailer for second half of season four, and Rick Grimes might be the next character to die on this series. The preview teases his potential death.

His death would not be too surprising on the series after all he has been through. Carl and Rick will be separated from the others after the falling of the prison during the mid-season. The group will be scattered. Greg Nicotero did share new details for the second half of season four as well. Wetpaint Entertainment shared his latest comments on Tuesday. He said the following:

We always knew that at some point the prison was not going to be a viable place to live anymore, and it was of course a conscious decision. [Showrunner] Mr. [Scott] Gimple’s crafting of the back eight episodes, where everybody scatters and you don’t know where everybody lands and you don’t know who’s with who certainly is going to lend itself to some fantastic storytelling.

Nicotero also teased that the second half of season four will remind fans of season one. The group is scattered and out in the world. They have to be on guard every single moment. What do you think? Will Rick die? Will the group find each other again?

"The Walking Dead" will return to AMC on Feb. 9.

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