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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Someone gets taken in 'Alone'

"The Walking Dead" is ratcheting up the tension heading into the last four episodes of its fourth installment. With most of our beloved group still scattered across Georgia following the mid-season finale, a dark presence begins to emerge from the forest and will most certainly lead to major plot developments before the season finishes.

The Walking Dead, 'Alone' (2014)

An unnamed Spoil The Dead source has revealed a detailed summary of Sunday's (March 9) episode, titled "Alone." As evidenced by several promo clips, the focus will be on two groups, primarily: Daryl and Beth; and Sasha, Maggie and Bob. The question quickly becomes: can they survive on their own? Well, as the Andrea and Merle deaths in season three have indicated, you simply can not.

While the first four episodes of the second half have been extremely character driven, as you'll read below, the payoff begins to unravel. Things aren't always what you think they are. "Alone" will become an especially poignant sentiment for quite a few members as the world as they know it shatters around them.

With that said, let's jump into the deliciously eery (and specific) details of the episode:

Note: Stop reading now if you don't want to be completely spoiled about what happens.

  • Within the first five minutes, we will get a glimpse of Bob's past, namely how exactly he happened upon the prison and how he was welcomed into the fold.
  • As the above one-minute promo details, fans will next get to see the fog scene, with Sasha, Bob and Maggie back-to-back defending against a sea of walkers rising from the dense atmosphere like sirens out of a nearby lake.
  • Yes, Bob does get bitten, as the promo indicates, but you quickly learn that the offending walker bit his already-present bandage. So, he'll be fine...for now.
  • Sasha, Bob and Maggie then stumble upon signs for Terminus and decide that it's the best option for them. Maggie is absolutely convinced Glenn is alive and that he would have headed there. Sasha isn't hopeful.
  • Cut to: Daryl and Beth happening upon a cemetery and funeral home. After suffering an ankle injury (probably a sprain), Daryl gives her a piggyback ride further into the cemetery where they come upon a gravestone that reads: "Loving Father." Taking a moment, they place flowers on the grave. They then head into the funeral home and discover that is is extremely well-kept. They find food and shelter.
  • As they explore, it is obvious someone has been embalming bodies within its walls. Daryl and Beth partake of the food and decide to hang around and see who shows up.
  • Cut to: Maggie overhears Sasha and Bob talking about Glenn and how they believe he's dead. She sneaks off from the camp into the woods. Maggie proceeds to use walker blood to leave messages for Glenn about Terminus. Once they realize she's gone, Bob and Sasha head off after her.
  • Cut to: Daryl and Beth are still at the funeral home. When thinking a dog is scratching at the door, they open it to find a herd of walkers, who then swarm the building. Daryl fights off the walkers.
  • During the commotion, Beth is kidnapped by a figure driving a black car that has a white cross hanging in the rear window. It will be revealed that this mysterious figure had been following them earlier as they found refuge in the funeral home.
  • Daryl runs after the car. Beth is bagged. The car speeds away.
  • Daryl attempts to track the car...but it's long gone.
  • Cut to: Bob and Sasha argue heatedly as they head after Maggie. They're both torn on what to do: Bob wants to help Maggie find Glenn, and Sasha believes they should be focused on finding a secure shelter.
  • Bob kisses Sasha before he heads down the tracks for Maggie.
  • Sasha goes off in another direction and stumbles on Maggie hiding out in a warehouse. Maggie convinces her to join her mission. They then leave to find Bob.
  • Cut to: Daryl meets up with Joe and his buddies -- the ones who crossed paths with Rick in the house. At first, there is a rather tense confrontation, but Daryl decides to join them.
  • Cut to: Maggie, Sasha and Bob finally reunite and continue on the tracks to Terminus.
  • Cut to: Glenn is seen finding the signs to Terminus. Fade to black.

"Alone" will air Sunday, March 9, on AMC at 9/8c.

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