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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Sneak peek for season 4, episode 12 'Still'

On Sunday, February 23 posted a sneak peek clip from "Still," the upcoming twelfth episode of the fourth season of "The Walking Dead," and it looks like the episode will focus on Daryl Dixon. The executive producers and Norman Reedus have both hinted that at least one episode in the back half of season four would focus on Daryl.

Daryl Dixon
AMC/Gene Page

The sneak peek clip is just under one and half minutes long, and features Daryl and Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) surviving in the woods after the prison attack. Daryl is a good hunter and searches for food while Beth makes a camp. She is resourceful and uses a piece of glass from a car to start a fire and sets up traps using metal hubcaps from cars to alert them about walkers coming.

Daryl sees a squirrel nearby and aims his crossbow to kill it. He misses the squirrel and breaks one of the arrows in the process. Later he finds a snake and slowly creeps up on it. Daryl uses a wooden stick to secure the snakes head and then bashes it in, killing the snake and allowing him and Beth to eat it.

"Still" will air on Sunday, March 2 at 9 p.m. on AMC. The episode synopsis mentions a mission coming from one of the group members, so it's possible that Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, and Eugene Porter will appear in the episode as well. The story will also follow Beth and Daryl as they search for a safe place, and could possibly find out about the Terminus that the other groups have discovered.

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