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'The Walking Dead' spoilers: Season 5 to be 'insane'

According to Reedus, the upcoming season of "TWD" is going to be "insane."
Photo by Mike Coppola

"The Walking Dead" season 4 left fans at a cliff hanger wondering how the group will make it out of Terminus alive. There has been a lot of speculation of what will happen or what might happen. On Tuesday, Entertainment Weekly caught up with Norman Reedus to see what he had to say about "The Walking Dead" season 5 and to see what kind of spoilers he might give up.

According to Mr. Reedus, the next season of "The Walking Dead" will be "insane." Of course it will, it's AMC's highest rated show and it's popularity is unwavering especially after the way season 4 finished. The crew finally found each other after making it to Terminus, only to find out that the safe haven they hoped for isn't safe after all.

Although it hasn't been put out there, it was pretty obvious that Terminus is full of cannibals. From the first scene of the sacred "city" when they came upon a woman cooking on a grill down to the odd way the residents treat the newcomers as they file in. There even were some huge clues given when they made comment about how their signs that lead people into Terminus is how they survive. Of course it is. They are predators and have mastered luring their unsuspecting prey right into their home. They don't even need to go out and hunt.

In the season finale, the crew was locked together inside a railroad car and now they have to get out. We know they will. They are survivors after all and besides, if they don't get out then there is no show. The question here is will they all survive? And if so, will they survive with all parts intact?

If Terminus is in fact full of cannibals (and we're fairly certain it is) then the television series is starting to align more with the comic book series. In it, Rick loses his hand and according to Robert Kirkman, he will lose a hand in season 5 as well. We're unsure if he is serious or just spreading rumors but it would put a serious wrench in the crew's plans if their leader were to lose a limb.

Are you looking forward to season 5 of "The Walking Dead?" How do you think Rick and his crew will be able to free themselves at Terminus? Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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